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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP: February 27, 2013

As we close February down, I am happy to say, I have done a pretty good job of accomplishing my goals. My first goal of not trying to join too many swaps is going well. Although I would love to do everything it is just not possible. My goal for more exercise is going well. I teach kindergarten and next week are parent conferences. I have 45 students, so this past week it has been difficult to get out for a run. With only 4 more reports to write I see the end of the tunnel . Now I just need to get the shoes on. Today is the day!! Finally the goal we are tAlking about... Works In Progress, this week I am working on drafting my own pattern. I am taking Design and Sew an A Line skirt on Craftsy. I finished drafting it on Monday night. I made my very first muslin ever, and last night I cut into some navy blue cord I have had for many years. I am not even sure when I bought it. Not only am I working on the goal of sewing more pieces for my wardrobe, I am also busting the stash!! The skirt is all sewn up I just need to hem it and take pictures! I hope to have it to wear out with my ladies on Friday night! The fit is not perfect... I should have taken the back darts in a bit more. For a first try it is pretty cute.

I also was able to get some more work done on my strip quilt for my nieces. I am hoping to have 40 blocks done by the end of the month to turn in to Mini Scrapbasket Block Swap on Flickr. They are due by the end of March so it is looking good.

What is inspiring you to create?

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  1. Great skirt! I have yet to make clothes so I am very impressed. :)

  2. Challenging our sewing barriers is always fun! I took a class using a serger last week - while the class was fun, my project looked like poo and I took the very brave step of throwing it away! I decided I might not need a serger after all! The string block is one of my favorites. I would like to participate again, I was looking at my blocks from the last time I participated, and not quite enough for a quilt.