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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Skill BUilder

Sawtooth StarGreek CrossMosiac1-2-3HST Nightmare

Summer Skill BUilder, a set on Flickr.

New Blocks I am Making for the Sumer Skill Builder. Got to the first 4... do the rest later?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pin Wheel Parade Block 4

Pieces Cut for Pinwheel ParadeChain stitched half trianglesSewn and PressedAll Five Skill Builder BlocksBlock # 4 Skill Builder

Pin Wheel Parade Block 4, a set on Flickr.

This wee's Block was Pinwheel Parade. I decided to do the block in all one color. I have not used this fabric yet in the quilt. I think the fabrics look great together; however I am not sure I like the 9 square yet. I am sad that I will be behind by three... when I get back, but stoked to go on a road trip!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Okay, so I am off to have fun in the sun... hang out with the family and not sew!  I am sure I will have withdrawals.  However I decided, while I am gone, I am going to try and spread the word for my blog site.  While out visiting the world, I will be of course begging my husband to take me to quilt shops.  I will be picking up some new fabric, as you might have come to the conclusion.  I love fabric, and I love receiving it in a give away as well.  Who knows what I will find, so this is a bit of a mystery giveaway. I will however, be buying one or two extra fat quarter, charm packs who knows...to give away here at my site.  

The first way to enter to win is by grabbing my button, and leaving me a comment letting me know that you took my button over to your site and posted it.  The  second way to enter is to blog about my site, on your site, and then adding a second comment letting me know you did that too!   The third way to enter to win is to become a public follower and let me know in the comment.  If you already follow just ket me know.  So take my button on over and comment and blog away!  See you soon!  This give away ends on August 11th... When I wake up!

Note: If you are a no-reply commenter you need to make sure to leave me your email, if not there is no way for me to contact you with your prize!

Creative Inspiraciones

Finish it Up!

Today is Friday and checking in!

This morning I finished two projects!  Early this week I finished the Skill Builder challenge block and a pot holder. 

See my blog for other projects I blogged this week.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Screen Printing

As part of 52 crafts in 52 weeks, Sage and I screen printed today.  I made a template off of the computer followed the directions in this tutorial and wa la.  I plan on adding a second layer of ink.  We are making T-shirts for the cousins and people we are visiting on out trip this summer.

Find your images on the computer.  I pulled mine into a Word Document
Print them out

Traced it on with permanent ink or pencil.

Modge podge all the areas you do not want ink on.

Worked better when I used a piece of cardboard or plastic to make sure the ink went through.  

Making Wrapping paper for the shirts!

The last step is to iron for three to five minutes to set the ink.  My dorky self burnt the first one...oops Guess that will be my son's!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Skill Builder: Build your Own Block

This week's challenge was to build your own block.  She gave us the math lesson, and then we had to create our own block.  Mine turned out WONKY.  I do not know which of the wrongs was the one that went...but here is what I did.

1.  I made up my pattern.

2.  I picked out my fabrics.

3. I thought I figured out the math:


2 - 6 7/8 in squares in floral
2 - 4 7/8 in squares in solid blue
2 - 5 1/2 inch squares in white
1 each - 5 1/2 inch squares of orange and blue flower prints.

At first I thought that I was making HST for the solid blue and white floral... but once I tried to sew that I realized that I was just cutting the fabric for the triangles to sew to my square after I finished.  

4.  I started the sewing process.

Once the squares (White floral and blue) are cut out, cut them diagonally into triangles.

I made a mistake and thought that I was making HST and sewed them together. Thanks to my trusty rusty sew ripper I fixed that mistake!

I made HST with the white and the prints by the method taught here.

I then sewed them together to make this square. This turned out nicely.

The next part is when my pattern took a turn for the worse.

I needed to add the triangles and this proved to be more difficult than anticipated, I am thinking that this might be where it started to wonkify. According to my original pattern the square should end up being 8.5 inches. Mine is shy of 8.25 in some areas... and over 8.25 in others... hmmmm I am pretty sure it is my seams. But why did it come out a whole .25 short overall?

The final step was to add the floral triangles... again since it was already wonky at this point it became wonkier! So I think in the end I will have to add a border to this one to get it up to 12.5.

Very fun, I am hoping Leila over at the Skill Builder can give me some tips!

Okay I went back and measured and remeasured!  I figured it out.  One of my floral triangles was off.  So I went ahead and recut and resewed and no more Wonkies!!! Yes WE can!


Works in Progress:

New Project

1. Sewing Machine Cover for COLOR MY NAME
Last night I started a new project.  Well I actually started last week by picking out my colors.

I started cutting out and designing what it would look like last night.  I pieced the first four strips and will work on it again today.  It is due at the end of July and I pony have a few days left to work on it before I get to go on vacation.  So hopefully I will Finish It Up!

2. Skill Builder Blocks

For the Skill Builder Sampler this week the challenge is to make our own block.  Although I am slow in this process since it is almost Friday and almost time for a new block, I am working on it.  Design is made fabric is picked out.  Now I just need to do the math and figure out what I need to cut and sew.

3. Potholder

I finished this one up.  I will be giving it to some friends this summer as a little gift for staying at their house!  I received the block from my Flickr group Teeny Weeny Paper Piece from Wendy. (Thanks)

4. Placemat for FQNB

I also finished up a placemat for the Free Motion Placemat Swappers

FQNB has not received it yet so I am just posting the sneak peek.

5. Placemat for LJW73

I finished the top for another placemat for the Free Motion Placemat Swappers.  It is not due until September so I will do the rest of the quilting after vacation... unless I get to it before we go!

Here is a sneak peek.  

6. Other W.I.P.  Not worked on

From top left to bottom right:

Quilting Under the Rainbow July Block finished waiting for next month.
two TWPP received,  that I want to turn into potholders
In the middle: Orange you Glad Bee July's Block finished waiting for next month.
TWPP  Four blocks of Flying Geese.  Waiting for next month so I can sign up for some more I want to make a throw  for my sofa!  It was going to be a pillow but I like them so much I want to make a throw.
This week's stats:
New projects - 2
Completed projects - 2
Currently in progress - 7