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Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy New Year

With a New Year comes new goals.  I have not been blogging a whole lot this last year and I continue to think that maybe this is just a place to keep me honest in what I can and can not accomplish.  In 2013 I thought I was going to bust my stash.  That did not work out so well, since I have now decided that I really like to make my own clothes.  I have accomplished a whole lot this last year.  I was able to move some WIP of the shelf and on to their new owners.  I have filled these shelves with new projects of course and no.., not all WIPs are gone!  This year I plan to get back into the blogging just to keep myself accountable.

Here are some of my accomplishments since my last post!

All of the blocks were made by the ladies in my Flickr Bee Sew Blues Bee.
This is the second bee I have done with these ladies and the second set of curtains that have come from them.  We just started up our third bee and my month is January. 

My neighbor and crafting buddy Cat has leant me the Alabama Channin books and I highly recommend checking them out.  I have had them for awhile now and I should probably be  a good friend and get them back to her... they are just so fun to flip through.  I want to make at least one more project... but that would mean starting something new before I finish any of my works in progresses. Okay okay I have talked myself into it.  I will give them back.  I can always borrow them anew. 

I also made two bathing suits this summer.  I was inspired from Katie Kid_md at katiekadiddlehopper . She did a Swimalong series this summer and made it look so easy.  It really was.  Of course I am still learning and I have room to improve, but the suit turned out fabulous and I wore them proudly all summer.  Now it is no longer swimsuit weather as it is snowing in these parts however, I look forward to wearing them to the hot tub over the winter and making some new ones next summer.  It is always so fun to wear something you have made.  So many compliments make it worth it.

I got a lot done and took no pictures. Nothing to show for it! Yes I need to get better at taking pictures. I somehow just wanted the projects out of the house and forgot to document them! Oops!

Goals for this Month:
Finish Circle of Nine Quilting and send it off in time for Melody's Birthday.

Other WIP:
Work on Bedroom quilt to match the curtains
Santa decoration
Medallion Quilt
Dress repair and hand embellish Alabama Channin
Trip Around the World (Sew Blues Bee)
Craftsy Scarf