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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moving into Wardrobe Sewing

This past fall at Sewing Summit I was so inspired to start sewing my own wardrobe again. When I was in high school I made all of my own clothes. This summer is my 20th Reunion from High School, so what better time to start up again. I have tried to make a vow with myself that I will limit the amount of clothing I buy to things I make for myself. I am also on a wellness challenge with work to try and loose a little bit of weight. So I am hoping the combination ends in my favor and I make some clothes that fit my body better. In High School I had two advantages, I had a perfectly skinny little body that fit patterns to the T, and I had my sewing teacher to help me draft clothing. Now is all I have is the internet. Well lucky me there is really so much information out there. Craftsy is an amazing platform for anyone wanting to learn just about anything crafty! I was given a great deal on the A-Line skirt class at The Sewing Summit, so I could not turn it down. My goal is to have a skirt sewn up by the end of the week. My girlfriends and I are headed to a concert on Friday in Boise and I would like to have some new duds to wear. I am thinking I will go with the new top I made last week and if I can get this ALine skirt done then tada... won't I be looking cute?

Well, tonight is all about drafting the pattern and hopefully on Monday I will be able to cut a Muslin and get it sewn together. I am thinking of making the skirt out of Corduroy. I better make sure I have enough before I get too big of a grand idea in my head! Check! In the wash to get it all ready for cutting!

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  1. How fun to move on/back to garment making. I too wan to try that someday!

    1. I am trying to get the skirt muslin sewn up and it is so fun. You should give it a try. It is a great class.

  2. You will have so much fun sewing clothing and quilting. I do both. I saw your blog earlier this week from another linky, but today I am stopping by from Plum and June.