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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Update

It has been a fun weekend. We went out skiing as a family yesterday. Boy was it cold. We received 3 inches of new snow and it was a pleasure to watch Sage try to get through the powder. Three inches to him are a big deal. At one point the wind was so strong that he had to take a little time out to warm up. I have been plugging through hand quilting my Circle of Nine quilt. It is not as east to FMQ and takes a long time. I really do want to get better at it so plugging away is the only way to do so.

We made this snowman back in December.  He got a little fresh snow on him.

Today is Sunday and we had a great time sledding this morning.  Sage and I had some pretty great giggles.  Now we are up to watching a little Sesame Street, working on a few sewing projects, napping and hopefully skiing and eating some tasty Barbeque tonight.  We will see what the hubby cooks up!

About those sewing projects I am still trying to bang out a few more string blocks to finish a top.  I would also like to draft up an A-Line skirt this week.  I am taking the Craftsy class and I would like to at least make up my muslin this week.  This year I am trying to make a few new pieces for my wardrobe each month.  This month I would like to make a few A Line skirts.  I bought a bunch of drafting books for myself for Christmas and need to put them into use!  I am really enjoying the classes I am taking on Craftsy.  I am also taking FMQ with Leah Day.  I have followed her blog for years; however the class is outstanding and I am really learning a few things that I did not pick up before.  I need to get my large 3 X 6 quilt quilted up.  Starting with Stitch in the Ditch.  I have practiced on a few smaller quilts, so now is the time to bite into the big one!!!

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Free Motion Quilting Project


  1. I loved Leah Day's Craftsy class. It is one of the best classes I took there. I love that I can learn so many things that I had to try to self teach, mainly through books, in an organized way. I also found that I picked things up that I had misses in the other ways I tried to learn them.

    1. I also self teach a lot and just love the resources available to us on the internet! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the colors of you flying geese. Sounds like you are really appreciating the snow! Have fun!

  3. How old is Sage? Loved your video of her(?) skiing!! Impressive!! I'd like to make some garments for myself. I've never done that. I'd like to lose about 10-15 lbs first :/