What will inspire you to create today?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paper Piecing

So I have been learning how to paper pierce all evening.  Leah Day was helpful:


Finally decided to do this block:

This was first try

Second Try

So excited for BEES

Just joined a few quilting bees on line.  I did not even know they existed.  One is a 4-6" paper piercing swap using scraps.  Another is a swap with chocolate?  And then there is one with adding borders.  All of them are monthly so it will be fun.  I look forward to sending a receiving packages.  I miss pen pals so it should be fun.

Sun Mat

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mis inspiraciones

Well, the world I live in is so beautiful it is hard to say where I get most of my inspirations.  I have to think that the beauty of Sun Valley has to do with it.  Of course my very funny little two year old also plays a great roll.  The awesome food my husband creates is more than an inspiration it is a life line.  My friend, Calina is always posting the food her family creates.  I need to start taking the time to take a picture of my husband's creative inspirations prior to chowing them down.  He is also an artist in my mind.  Here are some of my latest creations that have been inspired by my family and surroundings.

Easter Basket

We went to Spokane for my sister in law's (Lis) baby shower.  While there, I snooped around my mother in law's (Patty) crafting projects and found the beginnings of this basket she started when my husband (Ben) was in preschool.  I finished the basket and it became my son's (Sage) official Easter basket.

Quilting Craze

All that know me, know that I love to create.  I am constantly crafting something up.  Lately I have been quilting and sewing like crazy ever since my mother in law gave me her mother's Bernina 830 Old School sewing machine.  It seems to me I have more ideas than I have time to complete them.  Currently I am working on a bunch of little projects.  I started with Free Motion Quilting a table runner.  The problem is my husband loves the quilts but does not love them on the table. I am still winning the battle.  I am starting this blog to display all of the fun things that I love to create.  So follow, or not it is available for my friends and family to enjoy.  I look forward to posting all the fun I am having.