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Monday, November 26, 2012


Well your chances were pretty good if you entered the Charming Traveler's give away.... and the winner is:

She blogs at Just Something I made.

Congrats!  Please email me with your address.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Charming Travelers Charm Pack Giveaway

I just received a pack of the Charming Travelers from Vickie at More Stars in Comanche.  The Charming Travelers Giveaway started with Diane "From the Blank Pages".  Now it is your chance to win.


  • winners must be active bloggers
  • This is the blue pack and it is traveling throughout Canada as well as the US - you must be willing to ship to either country to enter that giveaway.
  • before sending the charm pack off to the next winner, there must be 56 - 5" x 5" squares of fabric inside - please no yucky fabrics
  • to help keep the map updated, winners will fill out the quick and easy form with Diane to let her know where you are!
  • if the charm pack arrives full of unwanted charms, let me know and we'll clear it out and fill it back up with some more beautiful fabrics!
I was able to take a few fabrics that really fit my fancy.  It is fun to see all the places the pack has traveled.  Just leave me a comment.  Giveaway ends 11/25.

1 - KOcanQuilt of Quilting, Losing and Tea, MN
2 - Marika of Live, Laugh, Love... Sew, Magog, Qu├ębec Canada
3 - Jeannette of Jmday.com, TX
4 - Sally of Grendelskin, CT
- Pam of Mama Spark's World, Canton, MI
6 - Sara of Growing Stitches, Raeford, NC
7 - Tammie of CraftyTammie, Richmond, KS 
8 - Katy (LarthargicLass) of Plethora of Pinatas, Ottawa, ON
9 - Sarah of Army Quilting, Lawton, OK
10 - Shirley of SimpleSew, Arlington,
11 - Vickie of More Stars in Comanche, Texas
12. Me,  I live in Ketchum, ID
13. You!

Are your creative juices flowing?  I hope you are feeling inspired today!
Leave a comment to WIN!
Giveaway now closed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Modern She Made

It finally has come together!!!

I picked out the fabric I was going to use for my Modern She Made project a few weeks prior to Sewing Summit. My partner had mention she liked English Paper Piecing, she also seemed like she would like pretty much anything. Her mosaic was very beautiful and so I was immediately inspired. I wanted to use the Spring Carnival Pattern by Katy at Monkey Do  since I had bought it in hopes to learn some more EPP tricks at Sewing Summit. I did get to meet Katy however I was not in her class so I still am just self taught. I think I am doing it right, and it looks good, so I guess I doing it correctly. I was not exactly sure if it were to be a bag, a purse, or something else. Tonight I re-read her request and saw she would like an iPad cover. I have made a few using this tutorial by One Shabby Chic, so I decided to go for it.

I finally finished hand stitching, and I cut way too many pieces out. That's what I get for being indecisive. I really love how it came together. Now I just hope my partner loves it!  I have tohe okay from the swap mama so this will be going in the mail on Monday morning.

Inspiration is all around us. What inspires you to create?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Sent and Received

A few months past I stumbled upon the Mouthy Stitches Swap on Flickr.  I am so glad I joined because of all  the crafty work and inspiration I gained from other people's projects.  These are some of my favorites.

I was so lucky to receive this fabulous bag from Jan Marlowe of isisjem.blogspot.co.uk.

Her hexagon work is so wonderful. She did some really nice fussy cutting and I just love all the hand stitching.

The matching keyfob is so much fun too!

This is the bag I made for my partner Jen.

This is what Jen said:

"Oh my goodness, I just got the most wonderful tote from you! Thanks so much. You did a great job of matching my mosaic -- rainbow and paper piecing and texty fabric, it's all there. I never would have thought that I was a cupcake fabric kind of girl but every time I see it I just smile. It's perfect! My favourite part of all though is the stitching on the handles. Maybe it's a minor detail but I just love the texture combined with the rainbow thread.

The key fob is adorable and already has become the official key chain for my car keys.

I probably should stop gushing or you're going to think I'm a little crazy but I really do love the tote. Thanks so much!!!


I am so glad she liked it!

This weekend I am hoping to finish my project for the Modern She Made Swap.  What creative juices are flowing at your house?

I WON... your chance coming soon!

I just won my first giveaway.  I have entered a lot and I never seem to win.  Today however I am the lucky winner.

from blank pages...

Diane from From the Blank Pages, has set up the Charming Travelers.  Check out all the different places the charms have traveled on her blog.  Vickie from More Stars in Comanche posted her giveaway this week and I won.  56 Charm squares are on the way to my abode.  When they arrive I get to take the ones I want and fill it up with other fun charm squares... pretty ones that is.  So keep your eye out.  I will have the giveaway as soon as they arrive!

Hope you are feeling the creative juices flowing this weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog help

After going to the Sewing Summit I have been inspired to keep blogging.  I am always discouraged because it is possible that no one is reading the blog.  So why am I writing?  Well for me of course.  However it might be true there are some followers out there.  So I decided I should look further into making my blog a little snazzier.  Since I am not sure how many people really care, I know I should not spend money trying to make it better.  Since I am kind of a geek, I like knowing more about technolgy, I decided to ask one of my favorite bloggers for a little help.  Rachel from Stitched in Color let me know to use the information on Jenelle's Blog Echinops and Aster to get a bit more savy on my Blogging.

Her tips are great and the first is how to read HTML.  Wow, I did not even know what it standed for, so I am already ahead of the game!  The second is what I really wanted to know.  How do I put cute little social media buttons on my blog?  First step is to download all of the cute little pictures and upload them onto the internet.  I decided to post them her.  I got the buttons from Carrie at Carrie Loves.

Now I just need to follow the rest of the directions to get the buttons to actually work.  I hope this information helps you make your blog a cute place to visit.

UPDATE:  I did it!!!  Carrie's blog is so helpful!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Creativity has begun

Well actually the creative juices on this one started way back last January when my Stepmom asked me if I could make her a new modern tree skirt.  I had been eyeballing "The Hood" by Brioni Greenberg in the Fat Quarterly Holiday 2010 editionbecause Faith had featured it on her blog Fresh Lemon Quilts.  I am loving how it turned out.  I really want to makeone for myself, however it is not on the top of my to do list, so we will see if it actually happens.  My husband did say that we can go cut a tree down this year so I am really excited.  We will see it might just happen.  For now I can just drool over this one.  

I had enough scraps in the scrap baket to make all of the little houses.  I pulled some of the green for the trees from my charm pack swap fabrics I received.  

I love how all of the pebbling turned out even though it took many days to finish I love how it looks like it is snowing.  I used double wide bais tape that my lovely friend Cat gave me to bind it off.  This is the first time I have attached the binding by hand.  I sewed it onto the front and then hand stitched it to the back.  

One Christmas present down.... 100 to go.   Well actually that is an exaggeration but not to far off.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inspiration Overload

It seems every time I get on to the computer, go to the fabric store, talk to my neighbor Cat ... or just think, I get inspired to make something new.  Now just to get inspired to finish what I have already started.  There are so many amazing projects to make. No just to make them.  Pinterest has a pluthera of ideas, now I just have to actually do some of them.

I joined in on with Alyssa to try and get someof my ideas into action.

Pile O Fabric

Today I almost finished with one of my Christmas presents.  My stepmom asked for a new treeskirt for Christmas.  She liked Fat Quarterly's "The Hood" pattern, so I have been sewing it up for her.  It has been a very fun yet time consuming project.  I will post on it once I get the rest of the binding sewn on.  

Of course midway through the sewing I got sidetracked today and started another project.  I have been wanting to make new curtains for my sewing room.  I already took down the old ones and gave them away to the Goldmine our local thrift store.  I went ahead and cut fabric to take with me to Sewing Summit thinking that I might be able to get it done there.  Unfortunately I did not even get them started. I did meet Amanda from Crafty Fox I just loved her pattern so I am trying to mimmic it.  I was able to get a few rows done today and I am loving how it is turning out.  I look forward to getting them put together.  I plan on making them into the Roman Shade type and I think they will look great and keep some of the warmth in our house this winter.

I hope you are feeling inspired today!