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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts

I decided to make most of my Christmas presents this year.  

I made these ornaments for all the ladies and gentlemen at work.  Super simple and they turned out great!

Sage and I made chocolate covered pretzels to share with some friends.

We found the recipe here.

I made a quilt for my mom out of fabric that was given to me by my friend Celeste.  I have been holding on to the fabric for over two years and thought it would be just perfect for my mom's house.
Looks like it turned out perfect!
This is a pillow I made for my siste in law.

It feels like I made a lot more but.... maybe not. 

This is a mug rug I made for one of my online swaps through Flickr.

Well that is all the crafty goodies for now.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I have been hard at work here at Santa's Sun Valley workshop.  I finished the Grinchmas Quilt and it turned out great!  Sage and I had a Christmas picnic on it.  And here he is playing hide and seek behind it!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

January block

Quilting Under the Rainbow January Block

January is my month and I have been working away to get my fabric sent out.

I picked out some fabric for the corners of my block from Spoonflower Fabrics.  I am not wanting to be stingy with the fabric because I want to make sure everyone has enough to finish their block; however the fabric was outrageously expensive so I just might have to be so I do not have to buy more to complete the top!

I am using a tutorial from this summer's quilt series: Summer Sampler Series.  As I am putting together my test block I am finding that the fabric the tutorial calls for is really an overestimate.  So I am trying to figure out what I really do need to send out to my fellow bee members.  I am also making a few changes instead of using white for the middle circle I am using solid colors from the color wheel.  I hope it turns out.  Off to sew and test!

Step 1:  If you are one of the Quilting Under the Rainbow Bee members I will be sending out the templates.  If not please go to the tutorial.  You will need to have a total of 4 of each template.  Once you have your copies made, it is a good idea to label each template according to how you are going to lay out your fabric  I started with red at the top.  I want the quilt to have a scrappy look so I do not mind if you decide to put a different color at the top. 

Step 2:  Cut out the fabric.  You will need to cut the fabric up according to the directions below.  You will also need to pull 8 4X4 pieces from your stash that go with the solids I am sending out.  If you are using the tutorial, it gives different fabric requirements.   If you are in the Bee please use my directions so you will have enough fabric.  I found the 5X5 pieces to be too long in one direction and too short in the other.  

Fabric requirements:  

I will send:

4 - 5.5inch X 4inch pieces  This is the dot fabric I am sending out.  I sent it in a 5.5inch strip.  You will need to cut it into 4 inch sections.  
16 - 4X4 pieces of white These will be the triangles on the sides of each of the fabrics you will choose from your stash.
8 - 4X4 pieces These are the solid colors I sent.  I alraeady cut these for you!

From your stash:

8 4X4 pieces that go with the solids I send.   I love modern fabric.  I also want this to be scrappy so really I would love to see your personality in these pieces.  

Step 3: Follow steps 2 to the end of this tutorial.  Please press seams open when possible!

Thanks Kate for such a great tutorial!  Happy sewing!

My first test block did not come out to 12.5 inches.  I am not too worried about it but I am going to make a second to see if it goes better!  I will probably pick it and see if I can fix where it did not line up!