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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Inspiration

It is a good year to try and nail down some Works in Progress and get them finished up! There are so many cheerleaders out there. I have joined in on a few different groups to help encourage me to get things done. I am trying not to start any new projects that do not currently use up some of my stash. I am also trying not to start any new quilts until I finish up the ones I have already started. So is it possible that I make one more commitment to a cheerleading group. Well, I do not think it is a bad idea, because it keeps me honest and keeps me motivated. So thank you for stopping by to cheer me on.

What I have finished:

I would like to say this week I finished up a baby quilt for a dear friend. (However things got in the way and I did not post last week, so I actually finished this last week.)  She is not due until later this year so I am ahead of the game. However, she is not going to find out if it is a boy or a girl, so it was a bit hard for me to decide what colors to choose. I pulled fabric a few times, and then I decided I was going to stick with a block I received through the Add a Border group on Flickr probably over a year ago. When I received the orginal block I knew that it was going to be hard to let go, so I was holding on to it until I was inspired to create something really cool. Well, mission accomplished. I think it turned out great. I have been taking Leah Day's Class on Craftsy to learn more about Free Motion Quilting. The first part of the class is about stitching in the ditch. I am getting better at it, however it is not easy. I really like these small quilts to practice on. I have some really large quilts that need to be quilted and I am nervous to try them until I get better at some of these teqniques.

This year I have also made a commitment to make more wardrobe pieces for myself.

Last week I also finished up my renfrew top.  See Blog post here.

Well this week I have been working on finishing up a quilt for a dear friend that is under the weather.  The blocks were all donated by my Sew Blues Bee and the quilt we be sent out later this week.  See the  blog post here.

I am also excited to say that I finsihed up a few potholders I am giving away for a gift for a local charity group I am in called the Papoose Club.  The club helps to raise money for local children's activities where I live.  It has been really fun being involved with this group.  I would love to eventually make quilts to raffle off in their yearly raffle.  It was my goal last year to try and volunteer more often so I got involved with this group.  It is really hard for me to make the monthly meeting; however I do like doing the volunteer part. In a few weeks they are having a free ski race for the kiddos and I look forward to it.  Last year was the first time my son participated and it did not go all that well.  He went as fast as he could, but did not realize he was supposed to stop.  He is okay and I think he might want to do it again this year.  

Here is a picture of the potholders I am donating.  Each month at the meeting we give away a little gift. Everyone that wants a chance to win throws their name and a dollar into a basket.

The next picture is just a peek at a gift for a Flickr swap with the ladies I met at Sewing Summit.  I do not want to kill the surprise so it is just a little peek.

Current WIPs:

Now for the bigger chore, all of the works in progress that are not yet there.  I have been bitting off a bit each week.  Last week I was able to finish sewing up the blocks for my Under the Rainbow Top.  This project has been on a shelf for a long while.  I am finally motivated to finish it up.  I also laid out the design for the back and just need to sew it up. 

Last two rainbow blocks

I also am working on a couple of quilts for my nieces.  I need to make 40 more string blocks to finish up the quilts.  I got a few more started but nothing finished.  I also need to do some piecing of letters.  I am going to use the Wonky Alphabet paper piece pattern.  My goal is to get this done by June for my niece's birthday.

I am also teaching myself to hand quilt.  Well not entirely.  I took Handstitched with Rachel at Stitched in Color.  However, I never really got around to practicing the hand quilting part so I am doing it now.  I am working on a Circle of Nine.  I took a class last Spring with Janet and am just getting around to quilting it.  I would like to have this one done by summer.  We will see.  My son asked how long it was going to take.  I am not sure how to answer that one.  Depends on how often I work on it I geuss.  I am leaving it out on the couch hoping this will inspire me to work on it.  

This weeks stats:

Projects finished this week:
Blue Belles Get Well Quilt
4 Potholders

Projects I worked on:
Under the Rainbow
String Quilts for my nieces
Circle of Nine handquilting
Bottled Rainbows

Other WIP with no progress:
Quilt blocks for our bedroom quilt
Curtains for our bedroom
Civil War Quilt
3X6 quilt (I finally have it basted I just need to get after the quilting.)
Felt Hat
Santa decoration
Maxi Skirt Details
Medallion Quilt

Projects I have the fabric for but have done nothing:
Polka Dot Amy Butler Apron Dress
Linen Amy Butler
Curtains for the upstairs door
Curves Quilt
Curtains for downstairs
Curtains for the laundry room
Polaroid Sleeping Bag
Alabama Chanin Skirt
Pillows for students
Idea Pouch

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  1. Your Under the Rainbow blocks are incredible! I love the vibrant colors!

  2. I am loving your rainbow blocks - and I'm envious that you have so many awesome projects at once! Loved stopping by from WiP!

  3. Your under the rainbow blocks are wonderful. Love the colours and the fabric choices. It is going to make one heck of a quilt.

  4. I love your Under The Rainbow blocks!! Beautiful.

  5. I totally understand what you mean about being a little unsure with FMQ on larger tops. I did so many small projects and practice sandwiches before attempting a lap-size quilt. I admire your organization of works-in-progress. Sometimes listing them all is half the battle!

  6. Stopping by from Free Motion Quilting because your thumbnail photo caught my eye. I love what you have been working on. Lovely.

  7. Your color choices are great--So vibrant! Nice work!

  8. I love all the colors in those rainbow stars, so bright! I think my favorites are the bubbles in the corners though. I can't wait to see it all put together.