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Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Finish Party

Here we are getting close to the end of April and I saw the post on Flickr for the April finishes party and I actually had to look up at the calendar and say.... is it already the end of April?  I can not believe this!  Wow this year really is flying by.  My boys have been out of town since the ski hill closed visiting  my husband's family.  I was really jealous that they were getting to go on a little vaca while I stayed and worked.  That really passed quickly.  Although they are missed, it is so nice to have a break.  I have gotten quite a bit done on the sewing front.  Not exactly everything I would have liked.. but progress none the less.

The first of my goals that I was able to finish was from the Craftsy class Sewing with knits.  I am learning a lot about knits.  I am not really thrilled with how the bottom of the garment turned out.  I am not sure why it worked out the way it did and why it hangs kind of funny.  I really whish I had a teacher that could help me figure this out.  Wait I do... that is what is great about the Craftsy classes.  Now I just need to send in the pictures and ask the questions.  I have kind of turned off the garment sewing for the last few weeks because I am trying to get some good progress on my Free Motion Quilting on my 3X6 quilt.  So as soon as I am finished with the quilt I will post pictures on Craftsy and see what the teacher Meg McElwee has to say.

My second accomplishment for the month is all the progress I have made on my 3X6 quilt.

My dad sent me one of his cameras so I could try it out and start to take some better pictures for my blog posts and so far I am really excited with the improvements I have seen thus far.

I am working dilligently to get this quilt finished before the boys get home.  The blocks from the quilt were all made by my friends on Flickr.  It will be a picnic blanket to use this summer.  It has a special place in my heart because I just told the 3X6 group the colors and they got to pick the blocks.  The group is really fun.  I did it 3 times so I really have a nice variety of blocks.

 I have At least 4 other tops that I have pieced that I need to also quilt at some point in this year so once I get one under my belt I will feel much better.  I am really enjoying all I am learning from the craftsy classes.  I have gone a bit overboard and am currently taking 4 different classes on FMQ on Craftsy.  You might ask is she addicted to  and the answer is "YES!"  I really am just loving all I am learning.  I love learning from other people's blogs.. but I really love the videos on Craftsy!

My final goal for April was to make myself a skirt.  I have not yet completed this goal. I actually have not really even thought about the goal.... Oh wait... I have finished the goal.  I did not make any new skirts however, I did clean out my closet and fixed two skirts that previosly were not wearable.  So yes!!!! I finsihed all of my goals for the month.

I fixed the zipper on the above green zipper as well! So two skirts! Mission acomplished!
The Quilt is not yet out of my sewing room. I am hoping to get it wrapped up this weekend.
Stay tuned for pictures! I also have a little secret to share with you all and I am really excited about it!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

FMQ Progress

Over the past few weeks I have taken quite a few classes on Craftsy.  I am bit addicted I must admit.  The internet is so awesome.  My favorite class so far is Leah Day's Free Motion Sampler class.  Although I did not make the 2012 Sampler quilt that she is showing us how to work on, the information I am learning is great and easy to apply to the 3X6 sampler quilt.  My friends over on Flickr sent me these blocks as part of the 3X6 block exchange, and I am finally quilting them up.  I can not wait to have my first picnic on it.  I am also using the knowledge I am adquiring to design how I am going to FMQ my blocks for the We Can Do It Sampler Quilt.  I have not yet basted the blocks for that project, but plan to as soon as this one comes together.

Over Spring Break, I started to take the class.  I went through and watched the videos.  I have been reading 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Blog and practicing Free Motion Quilting for several years, so the information on the craftsy class for the most part is what I have already learned from Leah on her blogs.  The great part is that it is all in one place.  I have learned a lot I have not learned from her blog.  I am sure that it is on there somewhere, but I have missed it.  So really I took the class for the convience.  I also believe in supporting someone who helps you to create.  So go check it out if you need to improve your FMQ skills.  I sound like a commercial... sorry.

Here is my progress so far.

I am looking for a really good Camera class for my new Cannon 30D. (Borrowed from my awesome daddy!) If anyone knows of one or any tips in that direction let me know.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

WIP: April 17, 2013 and Q2 Finish A Long goals

Two weeks ago was Spring Break and I was able to work on a lot of projects and even start a few new ones. I went a little crazy with fabric purchases!  I am really loving garment sewing and really can not stop thinking about it!

I was able to finish the Amy Butler Mini Dress.   I love the pattern although it makes me look a little prego... Or maybe that is my pudgy belly.  Best do some more Plank a Day sessions or go running to fix that!  Next time I make this pattern I would go down a size it fits a bit too big.

I was able to finish piecing the back of my Rainbow Quilt.  Now I just need to get it basted and quilted.  This is my goal for the Second Quarter of the Finish Along.  I am taking a class on Craftsy with Leah Day and will start another with Angela Walters.  I really love machine quilting.  I finally figured out my set up and this is such a blessing.  It is so helpful to have a large table to move the quilt on and not have it hanging over the side of my sewing machine.  I am using our massage table to hold the quilt up and this is working out perfectly.  I have quite a few quilt tops I would like to get quilted before the end of the year.  As far as a goal for the Quilt Along, I need to get something out of the craft room and I would like it to be this quilt.

Q2 Goal #1:
This is the back
These are the blocks on the front.  

The quilt is all pieced.  It needs to be basted and Free Motion Quilted.  I think I am planing on doing bubbles in all of the white space and outlining the star by stitch in the ditch.  I was thinking I would also outline the bubbles by stitch in the ditch.  Pebbling takes forever so I know I want to keep the rest pretty simple.  I think I can get this done by the end of June.

Q2 Goal #2

I would also like to finish the 3X6 Quilting.  I have already gotten started and am loving the results so far.  The boys are going out of town for the next two weeks so I am hoping to get this one done.    I have all of the quilting drawn out... Now I just need to get a move on.  I have started and have a few blocks underway.  It is a big task!  I am hoping to have this one done in time for picnics this summer!

3X6 Finished top
Q2 Goal #3

I have one of the 4 skirt panels stitched.  I now need to finish the other three and stitch it up.  I am hoping to wear this on 4th of July weekend so I will need it finished by the end of this quarter.

I also made up these adorable thomas Pants for Sage.

Added reverse applique to his Raglan top.

Finished the Sewing for Boys Easy Linen that matches my Mini dress but is way too big so we will have to save it for next Easter.

I also finished piecing the top of one of my string quilts.  I am waiting on the blocks for the other top.  They should be here this week.  Then I need to finish the backs.

These are this month's blocks for Promise Circle of Do Good Stitches.

This weekend I cleaned out my closet and decided if it was broken I needed to fix it or get rid of it.  If I was not wearing it then I need to figure out what I can do to revamp it so I will wear it.  I finished two zippers and I am wearing one of the skirts today.  I hand embellished one skirt and will take pictures soon.  I have 8 more pieces so far that either need to be fixed or forgotten.  They are in a pile in the sewing room and I hope to get them back into the wardrobe soon!

Goals for this Quarter:
Finish quilting Under the Rainbow
Finish hand embellishing Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt
Finish Closet repairing the items that need repair (8 items)
Finish Quilting 3X6

This Week's Plan:
3X6 - Stitch in the Ditch and FMQ
Hand sew Alabama Swing Skirt
Finish up repairing clothing from my closet

Projects finished over the past few weeks:
Repaired some clothing from the closet.  
Treasure Pocket Pants for Sage
Amy Butler Mini Dress
Added Owl detail to Raglan Top- Sewing for Boys
Easy Linen from Sewing for Boys
Finished the details on my Maxi Skirt
Promise Blocks
String Quilt Top 1

Projects I worked on:
Piece the back of my rainbow Quilt
3X6 quilt (I designed all of the patterns I am going to sew, and started on a few.)

Other WIP with no progress:
Hand Quilting Circle of Nine
Quilt blocks for our bedroom quilt (Fabris is now all in hand.)
Curtains for our bedroom
Civil War Quilt ( I only started one block so far!)
3X6 quilt (I finally have it basted I just need to get after the quilting.)
Felt Hat (Cut out)
Santa decoration
Medallion Quilt
String Quilt 2

Projects I have the fabric for but have done nothing:
Polka Dot Amy Butler Apron Dress (Washed the Fabric!)
Curtains for the upstairs door
Curves Quilt
Curtains for downstairs
Curtains for the laundry room
Polaroid Sleeping Bag
Pillows for students
Idea Pouch
Trip Around the World
Bottled Rainbows

New Projects!! I bought the fabric for!
5 Knit projects for Craftsy Class
Laurel Dress from Colette Patterns
Meringue Skirt from Colette Patterns
Sassy Librarian Shirt on Craftsy
Sewaholic Renfrew View A

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Showers Bloghop

Welcome to my blog. If you have not been here before feel free to look around. Welcome to the April Showers Bloghop.  I want to thank Madam Samm At Sew We Quilt for all her hard work, and Erin at Sew at Home Mummy for cheering us on.  I know it is a lot of work and these ladies are making it possible.

Today I am here to show off my Spring inspired mug rug. I just love linen and I even love it more for using as a canvas for embroidery. A few years ago I won this delightful stitch book: Doodle Stitching the Motif Collection from one of my Flickr Bee Groups.  I just love the ideas Aimee Ray presents in her book.

I choose the adorable little hedge hogs and the butterfly for my design.  I gave the mug rug to a dear friend that I work with.  Her birthday is on March 17th she is a lucky little leprechaun baby.  I just love mug rugs.  They bring a smile to my face.

 I also made her a sweet little Lucky Banner to hang in her classroom.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Goal Setting Party

Now that it is April and Spring is in full swing (It is snowing today!) I must set my goals to see what I can get done. By the end of April what can I realistically get done. I would like to finish my knit fleece sweater that I am making on the Craftsy class 5 Essential Knits. I am loving the class. I would also like to finish a skirt for myself. I am not sure which skirt as I have many in mind, but I would like to finish at least one of them. I would also like to get some FMQ done. I am taking a few different FMQ classes on craftsy and I would like to put the skills I am learning into working on some of the quilt tops I have put together. I do not think that I will be able to finish any of them in the next few weeks; however I would like to get something done on them. Well I think that is plenty to work on for one month.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finish Along Stats First Quarter

The first Quarter of 2013 is already here.  Can you believe it.  I can not.  As I look back at my goals for the first quarter of the challenge, I realize that in order to be more on track with my goals I need to review them throughout the quarter.  I am sidetracked easily and if the goals are not right in front of me.... I do not meet them.

I did complete the Emmaline Apron...

And the secret project for a friend... see this post.

I also finished the baby bibs for baby gifts.

I changed my mind on the baby quilt; however I also finished it!  

I did not finish my curtains for my bedroom.  I have decided to put them on hold until I finish the quilt.  I have bought all of the fabric for the quilt and quilting should begin soon.

I am pretty proud of all the other finished that are not on my list of goals.

There are some other little things I finished as well... but I will have to stop here.  I am loving the garment sewing!

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