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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Ever since I signed up for Flickr a few years ago I have been addicted. Flickr, is an online photo sharing social media network. Flickr is full of crafters whom love to swap their ideas. The Flickr world is full of quilters and sewists. There are different ways to swap on Flickr. You can become a member of a virtual quilting bee. I have done quite a few of these now. They have helped me to increase my quilting skills and learn a lot about modern quilting. You can also sign up for swaps. Swaps are usually short term and the turn around and completion is a lot faster than the year long quilting bee. I do like both venues. Bees are great because you get to know the group of people you work with over time. This is especially if you have an awesome Bee Mama whom plans all kinds of fun activities. I also love the swaps because you get to see all kinds of creativity and it is not always just quilts. It can be purses, aprons, bags etc. Over the last few years I have been a member of the following year long bees: Quilting Under the Rainbow Bee, Orange You Glad Bee, Sew Blues Bee, Modern 99, Promise Do Good Stitches, and Modern Block Party. I have also swapped blocks in the ADD a Border Block Group, 3X6 block group, Scrapbuster Block Swap, and the Mini Scrapbasket Block Swap. I have also been a part of Modern Scrappy Bits Swap, Modern She Made, Scrappy Mug Rugs, and Pretty Little Pouch Swap, After Sewing Summit Swap, Mouthy Stitches and For the Love of Solids. I am sure there are others I have joined that I am not remembering. This is the year that I am trying not to join in even though I really truly want to. I am trying to focus on sewing for me. Only joining bees that involve the ladies I have already made strong friendships with. I ma trying not to buy more fabric until I have used what I have. I am trying to stay focused to my goals and only work on the current projects I have already started. This said I am so jealous to watch the new sign ups come and go of a swap I truly love. So to say the least... have fun ladies at Modern She Made I will be watching your creations... with just a little bit of envy while patting myself on the back for sticking to my goals and resolutions.

This is the project I received last Modern She Made. I use it everyday and just love it... as you can imagine it is hard to turn down a spot.

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