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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taking a new sewing path

Since going to Sewing Summit last fall I have tried to make it a goal and a priority to do more garment sewing rather than quilts.  I started out sewing garments when I was 10 or 12.  I made one quilt at age 18, and then took almost a 20 year sewing haitus.  Over the past few years I have jumped right back in to sewing however I did not jump right back in to garment sewing.  I decided to learn a new skill quilting.  Now that I have way too many quilts in my house, and have made a quilt for just about everyone I know, I have decided to move back into garments.  

Making clothes for yourself is so rewarding because you can constantly say.... "I made it!"  Over the last twoweeks I was able to make one shirt for myself, the Sewaholic Renfrew Cowl.  It turned out great after I ripped out the whole cowl seam because I sewed it on backwards.  Woops.  I have ordered up some more knit fabric so I can make another.  I absolutely love how easy the pattern is.  I've already worn it a few times; however no great pictures yet.  Silly me.

I also sewed up a two pair of knit pants for the little Sageman.  The pattern is the Kick Back pattern from sewing for boys.  I made the Pauley Pullover from the same book.  We ordered the fabric from FabricDepot.com.  
Kickin' Back Pants and Pauley pullover
I also finished my bee block commitments for March and finished sewing up my String blocks to trade in the Mini Scrapbasket Block Swap.  I now have enough blocks to finish the quilts I am making for my nieces!  This is so exciting.  This project has been in the making for over two years!
Sew Blues
Promise Do Good Stitches

Sew Blues Bee
Mini Scrap Basket
I did get to printing the Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt, and I started the hand sewing process.  I am really excited about this one.  See this post

I also made a banner for a friend at school that was born on Saint Patrick's Day.  I made her another little gift too but will show you that in a later post!

I did not get to sewing up the back of my rainbow quilt yet so this is still at the top of my list.  Nor was I able to do any hand sewing on the Circle of Nine.

I received some more scraps from a friend on Flickr for my Bottled Rainbow Quilt.  I have enough now for the whole quilt I think, this will probably be a project for the summer! Maybe I will be brave enough to let my son help me make it!

This Week's Plan:
Piece the back of my rainbow Quilt
Hand sewing Circle of Nine
Hand sewing Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt

Projects finished in the past three weeks:
String Blocks to swap
Sewing for Boys: Kickin's Back Sweats pait #2 and #3
Sewaholic Renfrew Cowl Neck View C
Saint Patrick's Day Banner and a little extra
Pauly's Pullover from Sewing for Boys

Projects I worked on:
String Quilts for my nieces
Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt
Blovk commitments on Flickr

Other WIP with no progress:
Under the Rainbow
Quilt blocks for our bedroom quilt
Curtains for our bedroom
Civil War Quilt
3X6 quilt (I finally have it basted I just need to get after the quilting.)
Felt Hat
Santa decoration
Maxi Skirt Details
Medallion Quilt
Circle of Nine handquilting

Projects I have the fabric for but have done nothing:
Polka Dot Amy Butler Apron Dress
Linen Amy Butler
Curtains for the upstairs door
Curves Quilt
Curtains for downstairs
Curtains for the laundry room
Polaroid Sleeping Bag
Pillows for students
Idea Pouch
Trip Around the World
Bottled Rainbows

Please check out all the other projects on:

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  1. Do what you love, love what you do! I like the idea of garment sewing for myself, but haven't been terribly good at it (yet). I'm better with kid's clothes and fixing my current clothes to fit better! Your quilt blocks are all lovely!