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Monday, March 4, 2013

March Goals: A Lovely Year of finishes

For March I would like to get some of my projects finished.  I would like to finish the Renfrew View C.  I know I can finish this up... I already have it cut out.  I want to finish making all of my string blocks for my nieces quilts.   The due date to swap them with Mini Scrapbasket Block Swap is March 24th on Flickr.  I have 40 to make up... I am about half way done so I think I will make it.  But what will be my big goal for March... hmmmm

I am thinking that I would like to finish my Rainbow Quilt.  Now this is a big task, as I have not even pieced together the blocks, or the back.   I should probably try to tackle something a little smaller like quilting my 3X6 that is already pieced together and basted.  This quilt is a twin size and the Rainbow is a bit smaller.  So I am thinking the quilting is going to be a bit more manageable!  I might be dreaming since there is sooooo much white I am hoping to fill with filler designs.

Nothing like setting your hopes high!!!!

What is your goal for march?

What is inspiring you to create?

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  1. How many blocks still to go! This Rainbow block looks great by the way. I'd like to clear a few projects in March and then start something brand new for April. Dropping by from Quilt Story :)