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Friday, March 8, 2013

Alabama Chanin Start

This has been a brain exhausting week.  With 45 Kindergarteners it takes a long while to speak to all the student's parents during conferences.  I always enjoy talking to the parents about their children, none the less it is exhausting.  Now that we are finished assessing and on our way to the

finish line to the end of the school year, we can have a lot of fun.  Over the next few weeks we will be doing Leprachaun fun, Spring art projects, and my favorite part... lots of reading.  The kids are getting to the point in the year where they are all starting to understand how to read!  So exciting.  As a reward to myself for such a hard few days, I decided to work on my Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt this week.  I got the fabric cut out on Tuesday and tonight I was able to print it tonight with the stencil.  I used fabric paint I had from a screen printing project.   I am sure that the spray technique that is demonstrated in the book is less time consuming and a bit neater.... however I do not have the equipment so this is the method I went for.  Sage even got in on the action..

The four pieces are sitting on the kitchen table drying.  Lots of hand sewing to come to get this skirt stitced together. I am really excited to get this skirt put together.  It has been on my to do list since last summer.  I am finally nailing it down!

Now to the other projects I have on the to do list.  

I would like to get some bee blocks done this weekend, along with the string blocks, quilt back, clothes for Sage skiing, and hanging out with friends.... Just if I had many more hours in the weekend!

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