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Monday, October 29, 2012

October Bee Blocks

Well with Sewing Summit in the middle of October and all of the ore sewing and cutting I was working on prior to the event... I felt a little overwhelmed with keeping up on my Flickr blocks this month. I am really happy with all of the results. I usually try to have all my blocks done as soon as I receive them; however this month that was not the case.

For Sew Blues Bee

I made two blocks. The first was easy and I was able to finish it up prior to the Summit.

The second for Staci, I just finished last night. Her quilt is going to be so fun. I really wanted to do mini hexies and embroidery. I had fun.

The Modern 99 block

The Block Party block I also was able to do prior to leaving.  Apparently I did not get a picture prior to sending it off.  Oops.

Last but not least were my two blocks for the Promise Circle of Do Good Stitches. I really love the value in these blocks. I took a picture and then looked at in black and white just to make sure I did it correctly. So much fun.

I am so excited I already have one November Block done and it has not even started.

I have also been working hard on getting my Modern She Made Swap Item finished.  I am getting closer to getting the EPP part of it finished and now I need to decide if it will be a pillow or a bag... hmmm?

May you be inspired to create!


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