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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yeah!! We have visitors!

I am so excited.  My mom is coming to spend Christmas with us!  I called my mom a few weeks ago, asking her if I could put her up at our house for Christmas if she would come?  I really did not think she would be able to; however I asked my husband to start building Sage a bed in his room that hangs from the ceiling so we could stay in his room with him, if my parents came to visit.  Low and behold, he started building the bed, and they booked their tickets!  This will be the first time my mom and stepdad will spend Christmas with us since my son was born, and actually I can not remember the last time they were able to spend Christmas with me.  I think it was prior to me meeting my husband.  Christmas in Sun Valley is so much fun.  The decorations are outrageous.  Free Sun Valley Ice Show and Torch Light Parade on Christmas Eve.  They will hopefully get to see Sage ski and of course they will get to spend just over a week with us!!!!

In crafty news, today I spent the day with the local guild ladies learning how to handstitch wool.  Kerrie Green of Kerry Stitch Designs came to teach a wool fibers handstitching class.  This is the bag we are making.  It was a lot of fun to learn new stitches and hang with the ladies in the class.  I was surprised how fun stitching on wool is.  The bag is actually quite large.  I thought it was going to be much smaller.  I am very happy as to how it is coming along.


  1. So exciting...Happy your fam can spend Christmas with you! And the 'bunk' bed for Sagey is awesome!

    The bag is beautiful!

  2. Wow. I'm so happy for you. My whole family lives on the east coast and I live in the West so having family visit me is very special to me. I like what you have done with the wool!