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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lesson learned

As I drove back to my girlfriend Kate's house the quote, "one time at band camp..." kept popping into my head. Instead I was saying "One time at Sewing Summit..." The memories that were created this weekend are unforgettable, the friends, the teachers and their creative inspirations, the moments of pure laughter are truly unforgettable. While digesting the Sewing Summit weekend, I realize I have come away with a power of creativity I look forward to realizing. The creativity has always been there. It has just been rekindled.

When I signed up for Sewing Summit I had the intention of taking classes to improve my quilting skills. The classes filled up quickly, and I was unable to get into my first choices. So I signed up for classes on garment making. I did not realize these classes were going to have such an impact on the creative process if of my mind.

First and foremost, I realized I know how to quilt. Prior to the Sewing Summit, I was not feeling confident about this. But there truly is no reason to doubt the skills I own. They are not so bad... Actually quite good. The classes on quilting therefore should not have been my priority to begin with. On the other side of the coin although I have many garments for myself, I really do not know all that much about it. I am lucky I have a pretty straight forward body. I make a pattern and to my surprise it usually fits. However when it doesn't I really do not know what to do. This is where the classes at Sewing Summit come into play.

The first class "Handmade Wardrobe " with Mena Trott was fantastic. Her humor and insight on a journey to make herself a wardrobe she felt good about was definitely a creative inspiration. It seemed most people in the room followed her blog Sew Weekly. I had not. I have now and it seems I might need a few hours to really be able to look at it because wow it is chalked full of info. I walked away from the class ready to get started and ready to make a personal goal to make more clothes for me!

I also came away with a new sense of who I am writing for. It really, in my life is not about the reader. There are a few of you out there. But really I do not need to prove anything to the blog world. I need to write and sew and create for me, it makes me happy, it makes me relax. So really, read if you want. I need to write to clear the clutter. You are welcome to listen.

Jeni Baker from In Color Order spoke next. She was fabulous and laid out the principles of the color wheel. This was not new to me... However she did explain some things in a clever way. Like try not to put too many bossy fabrics together because they will fight. Her example photos were beautiful. We also got to take home a Cotton Couture Color Card from Michael Miller. So pretty.

The third class I took was With Amy Ellis on Precision Piecing. I realized I really am not in to being soooo precise and probably why I prefer a bit more of the wonky blocks. However I am not that bad at it and probably should just keep practicing.

Finally during the final session on Friday I took pattern making with Carrie of Thismamamakessstuff.
Awesome!!!! She showed us how to take a staple pattern and add creativity to it. She was very inspiring! I learned the slash and add method. I am so looking forward to modifying patterns to fit me and my ideas.

I slipped in a curves class with Amanda from A Crafty Fox. I got to touch and fell her beautiful sample curved quilt and got some layout ideas for making my vintage curtains for my craft room. Now to just get them put together. Thanks Amanda for taking the time to teach us.

Friday eve was the mixer,,, I hooked up with the ladies from the pizza party and headed out. We squished in my car and yes we did pay for parking but silly me put the ticket in upside down and I got a ticket. If I remember to send it in... I will be let off the hook.

The mixer was great!!! Sukie thanks for all the loot. I got a 25$ gift certificate to fabric.com yeah! I also had a blast pretending I was the waitress. In the end I even got a tip... Thanks ladies for all the belly laughs.

Thanks for the bunting Sukie... not sure who made it but it looks fabulous!

Late night in the sewing room was also a blast Kati Spencer From the Blue Chair sat down with me one on one to teach me how to piece hexagons and diamonds, and Faith Jones  from Fresh Lemons Quilts taught me partial seams and equilateral triangles. I will post pictures once I get them done. Thanks ladies for the attention. I really appreciate it.

Well this is the world's longest post but hey... I said it now I won't forget it. Stay tuned for more... Saturday at the Summit.


  1. Awesome revelations at Sewing Summit! Wishing you the best as you live and sew rekindled!

    1. It was great to meet you in person. SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Great to meet you, hang out a create together. I can relate to a lot of your post, especially the writing to clear the clutter resonates with me.