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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inspiration Overload

It seems every time I get on to the computer, go to the fabric store, talk to my neighbor Cat ... or just think, I get inspired to make something new.  Now just to get inspired to finish what I have already started.  There are so many amazing projects to make. No just to make them.  Pinterest has a pluthera of ideas, now I just have to actually do some of them.

I joined in on with Alyssa to try and get someof my ideas into action.

Pile O Fabric

Today I almost finished with one of my Christmas presents.  My stepmom asked for a new treeskirt for Christmas.  She liked Fat Quarterly's "The Hood" pattern, so I have been sewing it up for her.  It has been a very fun yet time consuming project.  I will post on it once I get the rest of the binding sewn on.  

Of course midway through the sewing I got sidetracked today and started another project.  I have been wanting to make new curtains for my sewing room.  I already took down the old ones and gave them away to the Goldmine our local thrift store.  I went ahead and cut fabric to take with me to Sewing Summit thinking that I might be able to get it done there.  Unfortunately I did not even get them started. I did meet Amanda from Crafty Fox I just loved her pattern so I am trying to mimmic it.  I was able to get a few rows done today and I am loving how it is turning out.  I look forward to getting them put together.  I plan on making them into the Roman Shade type and I think they will look great and keep some of the warmth in our house this winter.

I hope you are feeling inspired today!

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