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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sewing Summit

Over the past few days, I have been having such a fantastic time at the Sewing Summit.

On Thursday we hopped from fabric shop to fabric shop. Although we were not on the official bus, we had a wonderful time and I was lucky to meet some wonderful people. Ani, an amazing mom! Sally, who I have had the pleasure of swapping blocks with online on Flickr. Judith, the Navigator who was very patient with all of our constant chatter, and Leigh who is a sensational Brit I had the pleasure of truly bonding with.

After the long day of shopping I headed over to Nostalgia to meet a few of the teachers. It is funny how, I put in my mind that I wanted to get back into garment sewing, and then, how I was then so fortunate to meet some amazing influences to lead me in that direction. I look so forward to taking my classes today from Sarai and Sunni! They were so fun to get to know over coffee. Sunni has an online notions store, and Sarai makes patterns! I also met Tracey at the coffee shop and look forward to continuing a friendship with her.

After the mixer on Thursday night, Leigh invited me up to "Texas Fi". This was just what I needed these were the ladies I was wanting to meet. Tsoniki, Fi, her mom paula, Liz, and Jessie were so sweet to me and gave me the little relax I needed. Liz was sweet to loan me some homemade comfy pants! We chatted and bonded, drank some beers, laughed, and ate pizza. Later in the evening I headed down to do some embroidery, and Lee from Freshly Pieced was so kind to give us her tips on Paper piecing. I feel so lucky that all the teachers were so available to share their ideas! The pictures below are of the final project.  I put the pattern to gether on a bag to send to my partner for Mouthy Stitches.  I hope she likes it!


  1. What a great first day! It was awesome to meet you - thanks so much for coming up & saying, "Debbie, it's me!!!" ;-)

  2. Great bag! I loved hanging out, it was definitely relaxing, and thanks for teaching me how to make tiny hexagons!