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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog help

After going to the Sewing Summit I have been inspired to keep blogging.  I am always discouraged because it is possible that no one is reading the blog.  So why am I writing?  Well for me of course.  However it might be true there are some followers out there.  So I decided I should look further into making my blog a little snazzier.  Since I am not sure how many people really care, I know I should not spend money trying to make it better.  Since I am kind of a geek, I like knowing more about technolgy, I decided to ask one of my favorite bloggers for a little help.  Rachel from Stitched in Color let me know to use the information on Jenelle's Blog Echinops and Aster to get a bit more savy on my Blogging.

Her tips are great and the first is how to read HTML.  Wow, I did not even know what it standed for, so I am already ahead of the game!  The second is what I really wanted to know.  How do I put cute little social media buttons on my blog?  First step is to download all of the cute little pictures and upload them onto the internet.  I decided to post them her.  I got the buttons from Carrie at Carrie Loves.

Now I just need to follow the rest of the directions to get the buttons to actually work.  I hope this information helps you make your blog a cute place to visit.

UPDATE:  I did it!!!  Carrie's blog is so helpful!


  1. I'm reading your blog! :) Just a little reader feedback, the new font is a bit difficult to read. But I love the new buttons. Keep at it. It takes a while to learn HTML.

    1. I changed the font again hopefully that is better?

  2. I'm reading it and it is cute ! I think I'll go take a look at the sites you provided. Thanks

  3. Hi Shawn, You won the Charm Pack giveaway at More Stars in Comanche! If you will email your address to me at vicmazurek@hotmail.com I will get it sent to you right away. Congratulations !

  4. Cute social media buttons! I probably need to update my blog, it's been forever! I want cute buttons! LOL