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Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilting Madness and the WIP Challenge

Okay so I this morning decided on a few things.  First of all a big challenge for me.

1.  I can no longer use credit cards!!! Cutting them up!  I am making a goal to buy nothing more on credit until I no longer have a credit card bill and maybe even then I will not want to anymore!  This is going to be VERY DIFFICULT!  However I am fed up and done.

2.  I will pay off my current credit card over the next two years!!!!

3. Although I am a craft addict I am no longer able to buy anything new until I finish up all the current projects I have going and at least bite into some of the other projects I have already purchased in hopes to start at some time.  A girl can only craft so much!

So here are the current projects I need to finish:

1.  MOM's Table Runner

2. Kerstin's Platter

3. Meghan's photo from bachelorette party.  Need two more signatures and the photo!

4. Meghan's wedding gift.

5. Anna's Birthday gift.

6.  Lis's birth gift.

7. Jessie's gift.

8.  Give a gift to a wedding I went to last year!

9. All the quilting projects that are due each month!

10.  Stop adding more projects.


  1. These are all good goals!

    If you are cutting up the credit cards, have you heard of Dave Ramsey? We have been following his plan the past six months, and there is lots of helpful advice!

  2. I did that with my credit cards - twice (I did NOT learn the first time LOL), and have lived credit-free for a dozen years now. It is do-able, good luck to you!

    Love your pledge to work on what you have, isn't it tempting to start on the 'new' ones! I'm working Meg's challenge too, let's see what we can get done this summer!