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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A few more projects under way!

1. Mom's Birthday Present (May) Before the 4th of July it needs to be in the mail.DONE!!!!

2. Platter for weddings (One is in the Kiln other is not due till August)...the ceramic lady made a mistake on the first one so I have to start over!!!!! Picked up the paint ceramic lady said I need to get it back to her by next Friday,,,, so I better get hopping

3. Swap stuff one due each month (Placemat, Quilting Under the rainbow (working on it), Orange you glad)

4. add a border - no rush on my own time

5. Pillow cases for my son DONE

6. Teeny weeny Paper Bee - 4 due at end of June... Finished and Mailed!

7. Photo album for a wedding from last summer.

8. 3 pot holders.

9. Scrappy Bee 5 blocks due at end of July, plus a donation block one done

10. Advent Calendar for my nieces (partially done) Worked on it

11. Project for my sister in law... it is a secret

12. Christmas Presents?????

13. Weekly blocks for Skillbuilder Sampler! 6/17 done

14. Cross stitch project!!!!

15. Knitted Sweater... sure it won't fit anymore but should finish it!

16. Hem pants for Ben.  DONE

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  1. Just a little list...you can do it! =) At least a couple things are checked off!