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Monday, May 9, 2011

Over the years

One of the hats I made for Sage.
First Sage hat I made.  Crochetting is not really my thing.
Just wanted to post some of my older work.  This of course is not all of the craft projects I have created over the years.  Many projects go to others as gifts.  I will make a vow to myself to take pictures before I send it away in the future.  I am not a photographer and my lighting is poor so I hope you can forgive me.
Second knitted cap

First knotted cap

This is a Piggy bank I made for Sage before he was born.

Sage loves to put his coins in it.
Second sweater I made for Sage.  Made it for him to wear to his to his T√≠a Liz's wedding.  I can not find a picture of the first sweater.
This is Dolly Dufus that I made for the little guy.

Sage and I made this canvas floor mat last summer.

These are some of the paintings and prints I have done over the years.

This is the quilt I made after Sage was born.  It is queen sized.  It was very difficult on my Brother I got in high school.

Thanks to Martha I made this one for Meghan for her birthday this year.  I made myself one too!

First Free Motion project

These are all different jewelry pieces I have made over the years.
This is the birthday calendar I made when Bailey was born four years ago.

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