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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Craft Night

  • Tonight I hosted the first Craft Night.  They will continue it was a blast.  The craft I lent to everyone was glass etching.  If you brought your own glass I lent out the supplies.  We had great success. 
Desna and Lisa using the exacto to make their images.

Stephanie using her glass.

Meghan checking out my new lunch bag book Anna got for my birthday.  Can not wait to make her a lunch bag.  Her birthday is on Monday.

Kim researching her design.


Kate's last harah!  We will miss you Kate!

Jennifer did a wonderful job on her butterfly vase.

Trammel's finished piece

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Ashley was brave enough to try out the sewing machine.  She made an adorable bag out of the scraps I got last week.

Jolinda brought her own craft.  Her and Celeste worked on repurposing their clothing.  I am hoping Celeste will do a demonstration at our next event.  I also scored on a whole bunch of crafting supplies.  Thanks Celeste.  Next time we will have to do some patchwork with all of the fabric,

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