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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On my own

Huge Pile
Started to Sort

Okay so the boys are out of town on their very first solo road trip.  I heard Sage did really well.  They stopped off at L'Ecole 41 to buy some wine for moms how sweet!  I however have had a great night alone.  Went to Dual Immersion Meeting and now am home Blogging and crafting and staying up way too late.  Must go to bed but just wanted to post this picture of the pile of scraps I received today!  Put an add in the paper two weeks ago about wanting fabric for quilting with kids.  Met up with two women to day that gave me fabric and three last week.   I really scored on all of them.  I still have to get back to another!  Tonight I reorganized my scrap piles, and started sorting through a huge box of scraps whew!  Got to go to bed now.


  1. HAHA!!! Nice pile! Looks like my house when Bryan is gone each week! ;)
    Delicious L'Ecole!! Less then 5 weeks til I can enjoy a glass! :D

  2. I worked it out into 4 gallon size bags by colors that I likes. I will take the extras to my kindergarteners for sort bonanza. We did it today in class and they loved it. I have another huge pile at school that is about three times the size that I still need to sort! Ugh, I just want to sew them to gather and have fun. The sorting makes that faster and easier though. Seems like I always spend more time planning and organizing than actually creating... It is all part of the show!