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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP: Mid May Progress

This week I did not get much accomplished...
Well I did go on several runs and we had a wonderful Mother's Day picnic.  I made Quilt Blocks for the Boston Quilt Guild and I traced the Meringue pattern, cut the fabric and started sewing.  I just do not have any finished projects!  Hope you had a great week!

Last Week's Plan:

3X6 - Go have a picnic! Accomplished!
Baste Rainbow Quilt (Not Yet!)
Get started on a new wardrobe piece: Started the Meringue Skirt

Projects finished over the week:
Quilt Blocks for Boston

Projects I worked on during the last week:
Quilt Blocks for Boston
Meringue Skirt

This Week's Plan:
Baste Rainbow Quilt
Finish Meringue

May Goals
Finish 3x6 (DONE) and last dress for closet repair... If I can squeeze it in make a new outfit for me....so many to choose from not sure which one!

Goals for this Quarter:
Finish quilting Under the Rainbow (no progress)
Finish hand embellishing Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt (no progress)
Finish Closet repairing the items that need repair (seven of eight items done !!!)
Finish Quilting 3X6 Done!!!!!

Other WIP with no progress:
Hand Quilting Circle of Nine
Quilt blocks for our bedroom quilt (Fabric is now all in hand.)
Curtains for our bedroom
Civil War Quilt ( I only started one block so far!)
Felt Hat (Cut out)
Santa decoration
Medallion Quilt
String Quilt 2
Rainbow Quilt
Dress repair and hand embellish
Hand sew Alabama Swing Skirt
Trip Around the World (Fabric Cut)

Projects I have the fabric for but have done nothing:
Polka Dot Amy Butler Apron Dress (Washed the Fabric!)
Curtains for the upstairs door
Curves Quilt
Curtains for downstairs
Curtains for the laundry room
Polaroid Sleeping Bag
Pillows for students
Idea Pouch
Bottled Rainbows
Knit projects for Craftsy Class
Laurel Dress from Colette Patterns (Fabric Washed!)
Sassy Librarian Shirt on Craftsy
Sewaholic Renfrew View A

Please check out all the other projects on: WIP: Wednesday

A Lovely Year of Finishes


  1. You have such a massive to do list it makes me feel better about how much I have to do too! Also I really like your blocks that you sewed for Boston -- such a fantastic cause!

    Looking forward to seeing your skirt!

    1. I am constantly adding projects it is a bad habit!!!!

  2. Sometimes, it's the family things getting accomplished that make us the most happy! Love your smiles and glad Mother's Day was good for you! What sweet memories!

    1. My son just got a new bike and every waking momment he wants to be out on it... So we have been having a ton of fun on the bikes!!!

  3. If you move even an inch, you are farther along than before, so you are making progress. And a picnic with family, that's more important than a quilt any day. You can quilt when that little cutie is grown, but once the day is gone, you never get back that time to do something with him.

    1. This so true. With the sun out and the weather so pleasant, we have been having so much fun outside!