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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Precision Piecing with Norah McMeeking

Well folks, I have some exciting news.  I received an email a few weeks ago asking me from the Craftsy company asking me if I would like to take one of the online classes and write a review on my blog.  The class is Precision Piecing with Norah McMeeking.  I had seen the class on Craftsy and was already interested in taking it.  I am a self taught quilter so tips are always great especially when it comes to how I can be more precise.   I have taking several quilting classes on Craftsy, so I was delighted to be able to take one and review it.

Norah does a great job of explaining the blocks she is using for the class, she has loads of tips and even a very helpful template to use to make your piecing more precise.  I am not working on the exact pattern that Norah shows in the class; however I had a similar block up on my design wall when I started the class and it is perfect for putting some of her tips into play.  I got out my template plastic, printed out the course materials and got to work.

The techniques require a great deal more pinning than I ever do.  The results were outstanding.
I have not yet made a block using the second or third style that Norah describes in the class.  I am looking forward to using all of the tips I learned.  If you would like to take the class, the folks over at Craftsy are offering the class to you at 50% off.  What a deal!  The class is brand new so jump on it if you are wanting to refine your skills.  Here is the link to get started.  I hope you come back and share the photos of the projects you make using some of the precision techniques.

If this is not the class for you there are many other quilting classes over on the site that you should check out.  I have really enjoyed all of the classes I have taken, and am always checking back to see what new classes they have to offer.

If you are just wanting to check out Craftsy there are many classes you can take for free!  I have taken many of the free mini classes and can not say enough about them.  I really enjoyed Mastering Zipper Techniques.  I met Sunni at Sewing Summit last year and she is a delightful teacher.  I will go back to this class over and over to review the techniques.  She is thorough and really makes zippers feel a lot more manageable.  Another free class I have taken is Sewing Machine 911.  I always recommend this class to my friends that are just learning how to sew.  I was lucky to have my mom show me all the ins and outs of my sewing machine when I was just a girl.  This class will inform you on how to make sure your making is clean and running smooth! 

Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.

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