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Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Finish Party

Here we are getting close to the end of April and I saw the post on Flickr for the April finishes party and I actually had to look up at the calendar and say.... is it already the end of April?  I can not believe this!  Wow this year really is flying by.  My boys have been out of town since the ski hill closed visiting  my husband's family.  I was really jealous that they were getting to go on a little vaca while I stayed and worked.  That really passed quickly.  Although they are missed, it is so nice to have a break.  I have gotten quite a bit done on the sewing front.  Not exactly everything I would have liked.. but progress none the less.

The first of my goals that I was able to finish was from the Craftsy class Sewing with knits.  I am learning a lot about knits.  I am not really thrilled with how the bottom of the garment turned out.  I am not sure why it worked out the way it did and why it hangs kind of funny.  I really whish I had a teacher that could help me figure this out.  Wait I do... that is what is great about the Craftsy classes.  Now I just need to send in the pictures and ask the questions.  I have kind of turned off the garment sewing for the last few weeks because I am trying to get some good progress on my Free Motion Quilting on my 3X6 quilt.  So as soon as I am finished with the quilt I will post pictures on Craftsy and see what the teacher Meg McElwee has to say.

My second accomplishment for the month is all the progress I have made on my 3X6 quilt.

My dad sent me one of his cameras so I could try it out and start to take some better pictures for my blog posts and so far I am really excited with the improvements I have seen thus far.

I am working dilligently to get this quilt finished before the boys get home.  The blocks from the quilt were all made by my friends on Flickr.  It will be a picnic blanket to use this summer.  It has a special place in my heart because I just told the 3X6 group the colors and they got to pick the blocks.  The group is really fun.  I did it 3 times so I really have a nice variety of blocks.

 I have At least 4 other tops that I have pieced that I need to also quilt at some point in this year so once I get one under my belt I will feel much better.  I am really enjoying all I am learning from the craftsy classes.  I have gone a bit overboard and am currently taking 4 different classes on FMQ on Craftsy.  You might ask is she addicted to  and the answer is "YES!"  I really am just loving all I am learning.  I love learning from other people's blogs.. but I really love the videos on Craftsy!

My final goal for April was to make myself a skirt.  I have not yet completed this goal. I actually have not really even thought about the goal.... Oh wait... I have finished the goal.  I did not make any new skirts however, I did clean out my closet and fixed two skirts that previosly were not wearable.  So yes!!!! I finsihed all of my goals for the month.

I fixed the zipper on the above green zipper as well! So two skirts! Mission acomplished!
The Quilt is not yet out of my sewing room. I am hoping to get it wrapped up this weekend.
Stay tuned for pictures! I also have a little secret to share with you all and I am really excited about it!

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