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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

I was avoiding making a New Year's Post.  Actually I have made a New Year's Resolution not to blog... because well no one really cares except me.  Then I changed my mind, I want to see what I have done and so there here it is.  2012 has been productive and very fun. I have made so many quilts and have a lot of WIPs to prove it.

Here are some of my 2012 finishes.

Here are some of the Flickr Swaps I've made this year.
1. Ftlos finish, 2. Curves DP front, 3. Mug rug ready to send, 4. Pretty little pouch, 5. Potholders for swap, 6. Modern She Made, 7. Pouches, 8. Ready to send, 9. Plps for Summit
I love Flickr swaps and will continue to sign up. My favorites are Modern She Made, Mouthy Stitches, Pretty Little Purse Swap and For the Love of Solids. I am sure I will be enticed by others as well.

Here are some of my 2012 bee blocks.

1. Promise, 2. Promise January, 3. Promise, 4. Modern 99, 5. Mod November, 6. Blue November, 7.Promise October, 8. Flower for Staci, 9. Love the jean block!!!, 10. Sew blue October, 11. Do good stitches: promise September, 12. Block party for Moni, 13. Blue September for Nancy, 14. QUR Aud's Tree, 15. Sew blue August, 16. Block 2 promise Do Good Stitches, 17. August Promise Do Good Stitches, 18. Block party August, 19. Sew blue August, 20. A spot of tea for Cat, 21. Block Party June, 22.June for Shanna, 23. Modern 99 for Deb, 24. June for Annaliese, 25. Granny for Karen, 26. Crazyblock, 27. Citrus obsession, 28. Blocks so far, 29. Pinkaboo, 30. Sew Blues Bee 2nd try, 31. Modern 99 May, 32. 2nd block QUR April, 33. Block picnic party, 34. Block picnic party, 35. Orange you glad April, 36.Kissy fish
I do not plan on joining any bees this coming year. My last bee will be Oberon march. I will continue to make blocks for the Do Good Stitches Promise Circle; however info not want to join any more bees. 2013 is going to be a focus on wardrobe sewing. I have many projects started and look forward to honing my skills.

I am working on putting curtains on all the windows in my house. I am proud to say I finished the largest window... Am almost done with the sewing room. (Now finished... took me awhile to finish this post.)  In January I will receive blocks for our bedroom and will hopefully get the bed quilt done to match. I really want to make the back out of wool but I have had little luck. I have a few blocks left to finish the sampler and then I will quilt it. If you know of a soft wool for backing let me know. I also have one more window covering to do and we will be a much warmer house. The fabric is purchased I just need to stitch it up.

I have one quilt ready to quilt and I am planning on doing it with Leah Day's help. I am actually going to quilt my 3x6 with her help as well as my We Can Do It Skillbuilder. The 3x6 is already pieced so I will use her style to sandwich it. I tried it on curtains and it worked well. I am taking the Free Motion Quilting class on Craftsy. The Skill Builder blocks are still not pieced so I will use the second method she teaches for individual blocks for those.

I also planned on quilting my circle of nines by hand but I think I might change my mind and do it FMQ too.

I still have my medallion quilt which I can do by hand. First I need to finish it.

This break I got a bit more done on my Santa Decoration. I think I will put it away until next year. It is a great hand work project and it will eventually get done.

One other project I would like to complete by summer is a set of quilts for my nieces. I plan on piecing ten and then sending them to a quilter. We will see how it goes. I need to call the quilter to check her price. I do not tend to get them many gifts so this will be very special.

WIP goals to finish
1. 5 Baby gifts for expecting mommies.
2. 3X6 Quilt
3. Circle of Nines Quilt
4. String Quilts
5. Santa Decoration
6. Curtains for bedroom
7. Quilt for Bedroom
8. Curtains for door
9. Curtain for laundry
10. Curtain for small window
11. Medallion Quilt
12.  Apron
13. Weekender Bag
14. MANY new outfits for me!!!

Here I go!

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  1. I also love Leah Day's site. Used one of her ideas on a tshirt quilt.