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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am almost to the end of my 9th year living in Sun Valley Idaho.  Ten years ago my friend Nate suggested I come out for a visit to Ketchum, Idaho.  He talked highly of this place and gave me a list of activities I had to make sure I did while I was here.  Fortunately I ran into a man at a coffee shop while I was here who told me about the Dual Immersion program ran by the school distirct here.  A year later when I no longer had a contract for teaching in California I decided to see if I could move to Idaho to work in their language program.  Well nine years later I am still here, married, with a beautiful son and loving life.  When I heard Nate and his wife Sarah were having a baby I decided I would send them a baby quilt to show my appreciation for the major change in my life they influenced.  Frieda was born to two beautiful parents in Singapore China just a few weeks ago.  I put this quilt together with the help of many other friends from all over whom I have made through using Flickr.  These blocks were all made in the Scrapbuster Swap. 

Frieda tell your parents Thanks!