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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let the Curves Begin

For my birthday I bought myself an online sewing class.  I am taking the curves class through Rachael at Stitched in Color.  The class started on Wednesday with introductions.  But I can not wait until it really gets started on Monday with our first lesson and project.

 In the meantime I have been making bee blocks for the different online bees that I am in. For the Modern 99 Bee we are making the stargazing pattern and so I decided I would make a practive block with the fabric that I was going to use to make Lis's MacBook Air Cover.  I like how it turned out so boom a few more and wala the front cover was pieced.  Note:  When doing the points of the star cateful not to make them too long.  Too long results in the points getting cut off when you piece it together.

 For the back of the cover I wanted to do a fun freemotion design and some machine applique.  We call lis  bird so I thought it would be fun to do a bird on the back.  I sent it off to her on Thursday and I hope she loves it!

This is the finished block for the Modern 99 Bee on Flickr.

Last night I put together an ipad for my mother in law.  It is quite simple and I used the tutorial from
One Shabby Chic.

I also finished and caught up on my We Can Do it Skillbuilder Quilt Along.  

These are some blocks I made for my Local Quilt Guild.  We each make a block and turn it in at the next meeting.  They act as raffle tickets.  Whomevers block gets picked gets to take home all the blocks.  You can make more than one to up your chances of winning.  I am feeling lucky and going to just enter the one.  I made some practice blocks and turned them into little coasters.  I gave them away at school as part of our Send some Sunshine Club.

If you would like the pattern for this, here it is. Well I hope you all have a great weeekend and I look forward to making some ADD a BORDER blocks this weekend maybe picking out material for the CURVES class and yippee skiing and having fun with Sage.  Cheers!


  1. I'm looking forward to taking the class with you too!

  2. I LOVE IT!! Wow! I'm so impressed with this beautiful cover for my Air! I love love the bird and the freemotion 'cloud' design! This is such a beautiful birthday present! Thanks Shawn!