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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Flora Mae

Our beautiful Niece and Sage's Cousin Flora will be turning 1 on June 10th.

In celebration of Flora I made her this beautiful quilt.  It was part of the Stitched in Color Curves class I took this winter for my birthday.  The pattern actually had one more curve to it; however during quilting I had a major accident and fold in the backing and could not bear to pull out all of the quilting for a third time so.... I chopped it and the result was a square quilt.

Sage is a great model.

These are the awesome sandals that my husband made for Sage.  


  1. Love both the quilt and the sandals!

  2. This was a pretty amazing quilt for little Flora Mae's 1st birthday. Thank you so much!
    And it looks great as a square quilt! :D

  3. love the quilt! Did you use the quick curve ruler for the scallops?

  4. What a pretty name and a beautiful quilt!