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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year

Well a new year is upon us and we are already two weeks in.  So New's Years resolutions?  Mine is t try and use less plastic bags at the grocery store.  Bring your own or do not get one!!! Harder than I think sometimes.  But I am doing better.

Projects I am still working on:

I caught up for the most part over break and now I am behind again. I have three blocks to do to get caught up.  So, actually I am not that far behind.  I am learning so much with this quilt along and recomend it to anyone who wants to learn a lot about quilting.  My friend Kat came over today and gave me a few hand applique tips.  Thanks!  Very helpful.

Ipad and laptop covers (4):

Over Christmas my family liked my ipad cover and since they all received new apple devices for Christmas I was asked to make them all covers for their ipads and computers.  I have chosen material but have made no further progress.  

I have my Flickr Bees as well.  I make blocks each monthe for these.  It is my month with one of the bees, so I look forward to receiving these blocks.  

Quilting under the Rainbow: This is the block I chose to receive.

 3X6 Block Swap
          My block I made for myself for 3rd quarter.          My block I made for myself for 4th Quarter

 Blocks for Add a Border Block Swap

 Sneak Peek for January Placemat for Moni

 Blocks for the Mini Scrapbasket Block Swap

Block Party:

 Modern 99:
 Orange you Glad January:

Projects completed: 1 (3X6 Block Swap)

WIP Total Projects: 21
Projects with progress: 10

No Progress: 6
Jessi's photo book
Santa Decoration
Cross Stitch
Ipad covers
Knitted Sweater

New Projects: 5
Round 2 For the Love of Solids

I am so excited to be a part of the Curves Class over at stitchedincolor.com.

I am going to try and enter the Scrap Attack Challenge.  I would like to make some rainbow baskets out of my scraps.  

I do not have a plan, however there is a challenge up dealing with tangerine.  I might just come up with something to enter!!!  Orange is my favorite color.

My Step Mom Norma asked me to make her a tree skirt.  So far I have the pattern... but no progress.

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