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Monday, August 15, 2011

Diaper Changing Area and Holder for your purse

My son, Sage is now almost three and still in diapers.  Yes, we are trying to potty change but neither of us are really diligent about it.  It will happen when it happens.  However, I do not carry a diaper bag and really haven't ever really liked them.  They are big and bulky and really have way too many pockets to fill with things you really do not need.  My partner teacher has a little boy, and she has this great little diaper carrier that fits right in her purse.  Okay so her purse is quite big but none the less she does not have to carry a whole separate bag.  I however feel like I have improved on the design.   Not only can you carry diapers in this little bag but you can also use it as a changing pad. It is washable too!  The only thing that I might add is a strap.  But for now it is perfect.  Here is the tutorial on how I made it.


  • One fat quarter of interior fabric.  (I used a cute flannel) approximately 18X22 inches
  • One fat quarter of oil cloth for the outer fabric.
  • thread to match
  • 2 inch long piece of velcro
  • one large button
  • One 2 inch long piece of 1/4 inch elastic.
  • Sewing machine
Step One:  

Make sure the fabric pieces are the same size.   Line them us wrong sides of fabric together.  Along each edge fold the fabric over  to make a 1/4 inch clean seam.  I used a zigzag stitch and made sure to reinforce the corners.

Interior Fabric I used Flannel

Exterior Fabric (oil cloth)

1/4 inch seam

Sew all four sides
Step Two:

Once you have all of the edges tucked in, turn the fabric so that you are looking at it with the width the shorter section and the length is longer.  Decide where you will put the velcro closure so that the fold fit nicely around a pack of wipes and two large diapers.  Always better to make it a little bigger than smaller.  You never know when potty training will happen.

Step Three: 

Now on the  top you are going to add a large button to the oil cloth side, and on the bottom you are going to add an elastic loop closure.  I added a little bit of ribbon given to me in a swap from my friend Lind to cover up the end of the elastic.  

Bottom Closure
Button to fasten it.  

All done with wipes and Diapers inside!


  1. We love the one you made us! Thanks tons! These make great baby shower gifts! I have a couple preggers friends, now all I need is a sewing machine... not quite in the finances yet. Soon tho. ;)

  2. Looks so cool! You should sell them on Etsy.