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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Screen Printing

As part of 52 crafts in 52 weeks, Sage and I screen printed today.  I made a template off of the computer followed the directions in this tutorial and wa la.  I plan on adding a second layer of ink.  We are making T-shirts for the cousins and people we are visiting on out trip this summer.

Find your images on the computer.  I pulled mine into a Word Document
Print them out

Traced it on with permanent ink or pencil.

Modge podge all the areas you do not want ink on.

Worked better when I used a piece of cardboard or plastic to make sure the ink went through.  

Making Wrapping paper for the shirts!

The last step is to iron for three to five minutes to set the ink.  My dorky self burnt the first one...oops Guess that will be my son's!


  1. Umm... This is a super cute idea Shawn!

  2. Directions were not that good. What fabric was used for the screen? What kind of paint do you use? I had to really think about how the screen was made. I thought it was the shirt at first, and couldn't understand why I was putting Modge Podge on the shirt. Just needs to be better detailed. Thank you.

  3. This is not intended to be the tutorial. If you notice I referenced the tutorial I used at the top.